EZ-Cure Grout

Five Star® EZ-Cure® Contractor’s Grout is a cement-based, non-shrink grout ideal for general construction grouting applications. Five Star® EZ-Cure® Contractor’s Grout meets CRD-C-621 and ASTM C 1107 and can be installed over a wide temperature range. Five Star® EZ-Cure® Contractor’s Grout provides high strengths and can be mixed from dry pack to flowable consistency.


  • Meets CRD-C-621 specification for non-shrink grout
  • Durable and cost-effective general grout
  • Dry pack to flowable consistency
  • Locally manufactured under strict quality control standards
  • Moisture-resistant, durable, non-slip, recyclable poly bag


  • Non-shrink grouting of structural steel and precast concrete
  • Non-shrink grouting of racking and rails
  • Installation of anchors, dowels and reinforcing bars
  • General construction grouting applications