Elastomeric Grout

Elastomeric Grout is specially designed for light rail transportation grouting.  The three component system consists of a two component polymer and aggregate that imparts vibration and sound dampening properties combined with exceptional electrical resistance.  This product is formulated for placements that require good flow and adhesion to both rail and concrete, while maintaining line and grade.  Elastomeric Grout is a solvent-free system that provides rapid cure and superior chemical resistance to a variety of chemicals including oils, fuels, acids, caustics and solvents.  Elastomeric Grout is environmentally and applicator friendly.


  • High electrical resistance
  • Superior adhesion prevents water penetration
  • Low exotherm with early cure
  • Chemically resistant
  • Absorbs vibration and dramatically reduces noise caused by vibration
  • Strong adhesion to steel and concrete


  • Light rail applications
  • Flexible concrete patching
  • Railroad track rehabilitation
  • Header repair compound
  • Precision alignment under dynamic load conditions
  • Cast Elastomers
  • Vibration and noise dampening for rotating equipment